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//Creative living is actively living a life driven by curiosity, it is a term coined by Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Big Magic (expect lots of quotes)

14457521_10157525790135243_717024684036091491_n//bysarahturner was created out of the need to create a platform for myself, to hold myself accountable in terms of living a creative life.

I’m Sarah from Sydney, but moved to London in 2014 with Mr Turner. He likes Trains.  I worked in marketing- media planning and buying for over 4 years, i’m a qualified Yoga teacher, but my true love lies with writing and books.

I have always been a creative writer, it probably came from being a voracious reader, and using my imagination like any other body part that needs exercising. I love anything with a little bit of history, mystery, and magic.

//The storytellers I’ve long been inspired by the words of others. I’m really interested in the process, the effort behind it all-the blood, sweat, and tears- if you will. I love going to events and listening to people I admire and who are living a creative life and so I have decided to share my experiences here with some of the people who have shared their knowledge and enthusiasm at events I have attended

You can find me over at twitter and instagram @bysarahturner