April 2017

April, you funny thing.

April Ups

I attended a very odd play at a local Theatre. It was called ‘Teaching a ‘dillo to cross the road’. It was different because I’m not a huge fan of modern plays. I like to go to the theatre for escapism, not to be confronted with problems which are very realistic.

I travelled to Harrogate for the day to volunteer at their International Festivals office, which i loved.

I volunteered at another local theatre for their production of Spring Offensive: Expat April runs a quality establishment on the site of some of the bloodiest battles of the First World War. Death surrounds it. There’s dinner to be served and history to pay tribute to. The guests are coming and the table is set for an evening they’ll all remember.

I’ve now seen it twice and I still find it bizarre, but love the set up of the set with the audience around watching it happen.

I attended another writers salon for Words Away. This time it was with Sara Grant and writing for Children and YA.

Sarah Perry gave a talk and reading at Waterstones Piccadilly. She is truly a font of knowledge, and I was mesmerised.

At the beginning of April I received an email from my Literary Agent acquaintance about an internship opening up. There was so many aspects to the application that I loved putting together and then I was lucky enough to get an interview. For the interview I had to prepare a readers report on a book, a first, and a short article which was all very exciting. And I really loved the interview process, meeting everyone and being so close to my dream of working in publishing.

I spent my Easter weekend working and pulling my application together. I also saw the movie The Sense of an Ending, which was very different and left so many questions,  and finally saw Beauty and the Beast. I loved it.

April Downs

Our housemates of 2 years moved out, so now it’s an adjustment period of new people coming in which I always find a little unsettling at first.

A routine check up at the dentist has found me with a crack in a filling, but it won’t be fixed until June due to the lack of appointments with my dentist. Luckily it doesn’t hurt *touch wood*

I unfortunately didn’t get the internship, I’m incredibly disappointed and slightly disheartened but the feedback was positive, so the only thing to do is to keep pushing myself  to do better.

April Books

See What I have Done
by Sarah Schmidt

This is the first novel from Melbourne author Sarah Schmidt about Lizzie Borden and the axe murders of 1892. It’s incredibly visceral, intense, and haunting.

Apple Tree Yard
by Louise Doughty

The novel was enjoyable, but i preferred the BBC adaptation. It streamlined the events, and it made it easier to feel sympathy and empathy with Yvonne. The book was very much in her head, and at times that was too much.

The Good People
by Hannah Kent

Set in Ireland 1825 explores the life of superstition, fairy folklore, and murder. Unlike Kent’s first novel Burial Rites, this novel isn’t a reflection in a time of waiting for an end, it instead happens in present tense which makes it stagnant with no sense of urgency or direction.

Upcoming May

I’m volunteering at my local theatre for Clapham Book Festival, and a production called Jane Eyre: An Autobiography.Upcoming May

Sarah Schmidt is giving a talk at Waterstones Piccadilly which i’m incredibly excited for.

And finally, after a year of marriage, Mr Turner and I are going on our Honeymoon to Italy. I’ve always wanted to see Pompeii and this almost wasn’t going to happen, but as I wasn’t offered the Internship it’s full steam ahead. Mr Turner also has extra leave to use so we can also go somewhere else.


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