January 2017

January 2017, What can I say? I have swung from feeling positive to feeling sheer panic. 2017 is shaping up to be my toughest year yet.  So let’s just take this one month at a time,  if I push aside all the challenges what did January 2017 look like for me?   1

The Reads

Kate Morton’s The Secret Keeper: This is my second read through and I love it. I love her style, her mystery, her characters.

Stephenie Meyer’s The Chemist: I was curious about this book, I enjoyed her live chat with Rainbow Rowell, but for some reason I’m not feeling this book. It’s a big departure from Twilight, and I find this novel heavy, bulky, sluggish.

Ali Land’s Good Me, Bad Me: You can read all about my night listening to Ali Land talk about her debut novel. I really enjoyed it, I felt it end abruptly, and I sort of felt wanting a little more details through out.

4The Television I’m the first to admit I watch a lot of television, I really enjoy visual story telling.

Delicious: A very strange family drama with great acting, but the plot line and character arcs let the production down

Tina & Bobby: The first golden couple of football. I enjoyed this, and the absurdity of materialism

The Halcyon: Oh how I was the writers would have gone back over the plot and filled in the gaps. The rift between Lady Hamilton and Mr Garland should be the beating heart of the show. The Blitz is sadly just window dressing.

Call the Midwife: I love this period drama. Love that it deals with harsh storylines, but always ends with a note of hope

2The Adventures

I’m a tourist in the UK, so I do touristy things.

Loved the Cabinet War Rooms, and can’t believe it’s taken me 3 years to actually visit. In the same breath Bletchley Park is wonderful for a day trip if you’re into history.

Windsor castle was a bit of a let down, it’s only redeeming features were the Queen Mary’s dollhouse and HENRY VIII’S GRAVE!


The Exhibitions

I love all of London’s offerings. This month I saw the 1920’s Jazz age which you can read about here

and the Geffrye Museum was an unexpected surprise. They have a permanent exhibition of living rooms from the Tudor period all the way to modern day. This exhibition saw them done up in Christmas past.



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