1920’s JAZZ AGE Fashion and Photographs

mark-your-calendarsF.Scott Fitzgerald published This Side of Paradise in 1920; it established the novelist as a voice of the young, and radical generation . He made the modern woman, The Flapper, his speciality. All through this exhibit he is everywhere, and the
quote to the left could not be more perfect to describe this bygone era.

When I think of the 1920’s I think of the silent film actresses like Clara Bow, prohibition speakeasies, short hair, dropped waist lines, swishy sequined dresses,  sipping from a champagne saucer in one hand and a long cigarette holder in the other. The height of sophistication

16128197_10158092866685243_327324939_n16111613_10158092891300243_2058560683_nThe end of WWI saw the change in the way we viewed traditional values, fashion, and c
odes of conducts. A whole generation was slaughtered in the war, and now it was time to enjoy a period of prosperity.  And then,the bright lights faded, the great depression hit and the time of dazzlement and excitement gave way to prudence.

This exhibit was perfect. It was as they say ‘The Cats Pyjamas’

Exhibition Dates: 23 September – 15 January 2017, London, Textiles and Fashion Museum 18 March – 29 October 2017,  Bath, American Museum

The 1920s JAZZ AGE exhibition presents a glittering display of haute couture and ready-to-wear fashion from 1919 to 1929. Women’s clothing in the 1920s reflected dizzying social change on an unprecedented scale. From Paris and London to New York and Hollywood, the decade following the Great War offered the modern woman a completely new style of dressing. With over 150 garments, this stunning selection of sportswear, printed day dresses, fringed flapper dresses, beaded evening wear, velvet capes, and silk pyjamas reveals the glamour, excess, frivolity and modernity of the decade. Colourful illustrations by Gordon Conway from the Illustrated London News Archive at Mary Evans and photographs by Abbe, Beaton, Man Ray, and Baron de Meyer highlight the role of photographs and magazines in promoting the 1920s look.




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