Happy Birthday to my Grandmother

Dear Nan,

Today would have been Louisa May Alcott’s 186th birthday, but more importantly it would’ve be your 96th birthday. Whenever I think of you I picture you sitting in the sun with a novel in hand, cup of tea on the table beside.

I think i’m most like you, of all the grandkids. I’m quiet, I like books, to read, and sitting with a cup of tea.  We would never be allowed to wander off into a bookstore together, you didn’t need much convincing when I wanted a book.

I was 18 when you passed away. I was perhaps too young, and too selfish to really sit down and really talk  to you much.  I wish I could go back and have a cup of tea with you, and ask  all sorts of questions,  what was it like to grow up in a rural pub?  and what was it like  to grow up in the depression ? and what was Australia like in WWII? and not to mention some of the biggest questions come 11 years after her passing where I’m discovering about all the family skeletons that have been shoved in the deep dark closet.  And there are some goodies.

One day I will find the courage to take inspiration and write it all down, right now I’m still piecing things together. I’m sure whatever comes of it you will be proud.

I think you have been with me all these years, i randomly will smell sorbelene cream in my bedroom, or on my wedding day it was filled with such glorious sun, and the luck of you keeping the necklace you wore on your wedding day.

I miss you incredibly. No one can make a salad sandwhich like you.

All my love


In honour of my fabulous Nanna’s birthday, here are some fun facts about a beautiful woman who helped raise me

  1. 14915635_10157831916850243_8850634652478974359_nShe grew up in a pub called The Breadalbane hotel which is located in Southern NSW. She was one of six, her mother bottled her own whiskey- I can only imagine if NASA knew they would have been in contact for rocket fuel.
  2. She met my grandfather on a train, she would get on the train to go to work and he would get off, and then one day he followed her.
  3. She was married in 1944, and kept the necklace she wore on the day, which in turn I wore on my wedding day.
  4. She was Catholic. Every Sunday and religious days she would go to church.  And she said the rosary every night. I can remember being tucked up in her bed and hearing her whispered prayers.
  5. She raised six children. 4 boys, two girls. All have saints middle names (except for Paul)
  6. When my Grandfather was alive her never allowed her to wear red nail polish (Ladies of the night and all that) yet i can remember her always wearing red or pink nail polish.
  7. She loved curries, but only ate them after my Grandfather passed away as he greatly mistrusted foreign food.
  8. She loved Nora Roberts. We’re still finding her books everywhere!
  9. She passed away in 2005, and was buried  with my Grandfather on what would have been her wedding anniversary.

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