An evening with Kate Morton in Bath

I have a confession.  I’m obsessed with the not so distant past. The upstairs and downstairs of households, crumbly old manors, victorian slums, Blitz time London,  the Titanic (Oh! this deserves it’s own post one day), and much more.  If you’re like me, then you will love Kate Morton. I think her novels are the perfect potion of history and mystery, and a wee bit of magic. They’re the kind of novel you can sink deep down and live inside of.  I think my grandmother would have loved them, and I would have loved to have shared them with her. It sounds cheesy, but Kate Morton is the writer I would most like to be.kate-morton-1

Kate Morton – The Storyteller is the best selling Australian Author, her first novel The House at Riverton/The Shifting Fog was a Sunday times #1 best seller in 2007 and since then has gone on to write four more novels, translated into 34 languages in 42 countries

I was lucky enough to be able to ‘pop’ to historical Bath for the night to see Kate Morton launch her latest book, The Lake House. The event was held in the local Waterstones, there was wine on arrival, and somehow I ended up in the front row,  and I was captivated as she spoke of her books, read an excerpt and graciously answered questions, signed books and posed for photos.

The Lake House is a perfectly plotted and intertwined story. On the eve of a big party in Cornwall a child disappears. The family in their despair move to London and never return. Decades later a woman stumbles onto the crumbling overgrown house and starts to piece together the lives of the Edevane family, their dark secrets, and what happened to their missing baby boy.

kate-morton-2I loved every minute of listening to Kate, and I was able to learn a few things, and ask a few questions. Below is a short list of things I jotted down.

  1. Uses Scrivener- The perfect way to move around scenes and see the complex threads. Previously Kate used word documents and notebooks (I asked about this one)
  2. Obsessively watched Upstairs Downstairs on VHS borrowed from her Mother-In-Law which inspired The Shifting Fog
  3. Will often have conversations about something before realising it was a book or something she had written
  4. All of Kate’s books are set in England, but the older she gets the more of a pull toward Australia she feels
  5. The Lake House was inspired by a famous Australian case of three children disapearing in Adelaide, never to be found again (The Beaumont children) and it changed social behaviours and became a parable for how parents governed their children after.
  6. Kate doesn’t have favourite books, however she refers to The Distant hours as her “difficult” child
  7. Each of her books is a little time capsule of her life. The Lake House was written while she was pregnant with her third son (and the book is dedicated to him)
  8. Kate called upon the memory of when her little boy disappeared in Hamleys (London’s craziest and busiest toy store) to write The Lake house
  9. Can’t walk into a forest without hearing the whish whish whish from Enid Blyton’s Faraway Tree

Resources if you want to discover more about Kate Morton



Youtube: Kate is also incredibly generous with her time and there are many youtube interviews available to watch (and rewatch!)

Disclaimer: Featured photos are saved from internet sources and are not the product of my own skills. All workshops/events are paid for by me and all reviews are mine from my own notes, opinions and experiences.



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